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Rob’s bio

I have two decades of experience in photography, professional video, motion picture film, and Macintosh computing. Having spent more than 20 years in broadcast television as a video photographer, editor, producer and motion picture cinematographer, I have worked to sharpen my eye for the moving and still image.

I’ve received awards from the Associated Press, National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), including three Emmys.

A seasoned, professional Final Cut Studio HD editor, I’ve been consulting and training all levels of Apple Macintosh computer users for several years. As a founding member of the Philadelphia PowerBook Users Group – a Mac-centric mobile technology association – I’m uniquely qualified to provide guidance to the Mac beginner, especially in the area of digital video. My years of non-linear video editing experience have built a strong knowledge-base on which to draw, and an ability to provide the Mac beginner with patient guidance and friendly, sound advice.

Last year I was honored to be asked to join the Temple University Journalism Department as an adjunct professor. I teach electronic news gathering and Final Cut editing.

Work blog - some of what I’m doing from day to day

Nov 10

Hot Rod Canon 7D with PL mount

I was set to shoot some interviews with my Canon 7D when I got an interesting offer from a colleague. He asked my to try out his new Hot Rod mod 7D with a PL mount. How could I turn that down? I just needed a lens. For interviews on the 7D, a fast 85mm […]