This was a fun one. It’s not often that you get a chance to do three completely different jobs – all challenging and interesting – in three different states on the same day. Throw in three different video formats and you’ve got a party.

8:30am – Philadelphia, PA – XDCAM EX

I started with a media training shoot on XDCAM EX with my friends from Bellevue Communications Group. I shoot the trainees being interviewed and then we play them back for critique. The idea is to present them with a stressful scenario, train them to give appropriate answers and show them how to improve. The beauty of XDCAM EX is that I can shoot an interview, pull the card from the camera, pop it in my MacBook Pro, and play it back immediately in high definition. Sweet.

2pm – Wilmington, DE – DVCAM

Who doesn’t love a good mystery. My mid-day shoot was at the headquarters of TIGHAR, The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery. A media outlet in Toronto, Canada hired me to shoot an interview and b-roll with Ric Gillespie. He has spent the last several years trying to unlock the mystery of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance in the South Pacific. Very, very interesting stuff. In a nutshell, Gillespie is using science to build the case that Earhart landed safely on an uninhabited island (Gardner Island, now Nikumaroro in the Republic of Kiribati), sent distress signals for several days, and eventually died there.

5pm – Camden, NJ – BETACAM SP

Philadelphia based Nobis Productions hired me to shoot a party to celebrate the achievements of Tom Corcoran and wish him well as he leaves his post as CEO and president of the Coopers Ferry Development Association in Camden, NJ. Corcoran was hired by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter to head up the new Delaware River Waterfront Corporation. Corcoran and his team have spent the last 25 years developing Camden attractions like the Adventure Aquarium, The Susquehanna Bank Center, Campbell’s Field and the River Ferry to and from Philadelphia.

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