As with any marketing tool, flyers have to be done right to get the desired return on investment. For flyers that will be seen by thousands of people, quality, fresh design and presentation is crucial.

Here are some flyers that you can use for your business:

The Ultimate Flier for Your Business

If your business is selling something, don’t just throw flyers on the door, make them look good. This is a great flyer that will sell your services in a professional way and will attract the attention of many. It also provides the copy you will need to create your fliers in the future. Plus, remember that you can easily use online printing services to get your fliers delivered to your home.

A6 Leaflets & Flyers from £25.00 +FREE DELIVERY - Sherwin Rivers Ltd

What You Need to Make This Flier

A printer (I use Corel R1)

A white and black card stock (I use Kraft Brand Paper and it works well)

A white and black printer label (you can find a free version of these at Office Depot or Staples)

White card stock for labels

A ruler

A pen

Steps to Make This Flier

Cut the bottom of the white card stock into a square and create a second piece of white card stock 2. Select Your Type of Paper: This is a very important step, as the white card stock you choose will affect your flyer’s appearance. If you use Kraft Paper you will need to make sure that you use a white and black label that will be a mirror image of the white card stock. This will help to make it look like it’s a black and white flyer. You can use Kraft Paper from any office supply store. Paper Saver Brand Kraft Paper You can also use this paper from the office supply store. Paper Saver Brand Kraft Paper You can also use this paper from the office supply store.

Make the Color Grid On the bottom right corner of the top sheet of white card stock, cut into two, diagonal strips. These are the “colors” of the flyer. Make the Template The other important step is the white card stock’s “Template” sheet. Use a glue stick to adhere it to the bottom of the flyer. Create the Text on the Bottom The text you create is the graphic of the flyer. You need a clear photo with a black background and a gray text.

First, draw a black-white-gray-white rectangle with the center of the photo and the bottom of the text (55). Make sure the corner is centered so it appears as a text. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it is OK to get a little wiggle around the edges. Make sure that the text is the same color as the photo. You don’t want the text to distract you from the photo. 6. Colorize the Text On the right, place the gray-white-gray-white template to the side (75). Make sure the text doesn’t have any gaps, or it will be hard to read. 7. Create the Graphic Using a flat brush or pencil, draw the template to the side of the black background (66). Select all the colorized photos and press the “Change Image” button (62). Choose the same photo from the photo pool (58). Fill in the black area.

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