I’m shooting a media training session today with the good folks from Bellevue Communications Group. We’ve been working together for several years now and they’re real pros.

As we all make the transition to high definition video, we can expect many things to get easier and some things to throw us a curve. Issues arise from new workflows and that leads me to today’s shoot. After a few months of using tapeless cameras, I’m back to using my DVCAM gear.

I broke out my Sony DSR-300A DVCAM rig today for this media training session. I didn’t want to charge the client for HD when we’ll be playing the footage back immediately on a standard def projector in a conference room.

The problem with shooting 40 minutes of tape for immediate playback becomes immediately obvious – you have to wait for the camera to rewind! Who has time for that?

I have become a big fan of the XDCAM EX format because it records on solid state memory cards and you can immediately look at thumbnails of all the individual clips and then play them back instantly and shoot the gaming streaming. Tape needs to be cued and re-cued. Ick!

That got me thinking about how I can get around this tape shuttling issue. Today’s job involves shooting several news-style mock-crisis interviews with presidents of various branches of a company and then immediately playing it back for critique. The executives learn how to handle a crisis situation by watching themselves get grilled by a veteral newsperson. I can’t keep these people waiting around while I shuttle back and forth through a ton of tape. I really want the flexibility and speed that a tapeless workflow affords while using my legacy camera. After some careful thought, I have settled on LoL a solution involving FireWire and QuickTime on a MacBook Pro.

I’m going to roll tape as usual, but I’m also going to tether the camera to the computer and record league of legends QuickTime movies on the fly. Then I’ll plug the MacBook Pro into the conference room projector and viola, instant playback without having to rewind and re-cue tapes.

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This is the kind of crazy idea you come up with when you’re sitting in a hallway, geared up and ready to go.

Cover me, I’m going in!

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